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Tournament News

Tournament: 2014 Combo, Saturday, August 17

Sponsored by:
Charles "Chip" Conover

FORMAT 2-Man teams, 18-holes total team score.
Gross and Net competitions.
Teeing off on #1.

Holes 1-6 played Better Ball
Holes 7-12 played Scramble
Holes 13-18 played as Alternate Shot

Flights, Tees, & Handicaps: A Flight = blue, B Flight = green, C Flight = white.

Teams will be handicapped based on the average of individual indexes, with the higher index reduced (if necessary) to be within 5 strokes of the lower

Tournament: 2014 Club Championship, September 13-14, 20-21

Sponsored by:


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The qualifying round is 18 holes of stroke play. The top eight finishers in each flight will qualify for match play. Ties will be decided by a card off. Club Championship qualification: To qualify for the Club Championship in September, you must earn (2) points to qualify to play. Here's how to earn your points: (1) Point awarded for playing in Thursday or Saturday Team Play or Senior League Play (1) Point awarded for any Monthly Tournament (1) Point awarded for (4) Wednesday Sweeps Rounds on the Saturday team play in 2014.

The Club Championship matches are scheduled as follows:

· Saturday, September 13 – Qualifying Round (or 1st match, if only eight or fewer registered for a flight).

· Sunday, September 14 – 1st match (or quarterfinal match, if no qualifier)

· Saturday, September 20 – Semifinal match (or final, if no qualifier)

· Sunday, September 21 – Final match

Question: Should players be allowed to schedule their own dates/times for matches scheduled after September 13-14? (This might be desired by a player who advances to a semifinal or final match but would not prefer to play on the scheduled dates of September 21-22.)

Answer: Yes, the committee will allow players to schedule semifinal or final matches on a date before the September 20-21 weekend. If a player wishes to change his match to an earlier date, it would be his responsibility to contact his opponent and obtain agreement to an earlier date/time. If the players cannot reach agreement on an earlier date, the original date/time must be observed. If there is agreement to a change, the player who initiated the change would be responsible to make the tee time reservation with the golf course and advise Tournament Chairman Eric Diaz of the schedule change.

If there are additional questions related to scheduling of matches in the Club Championship, please direct your questions to

Tournament Sponsor Thanks

ERMGC would like to thank the following sponsor for their generosity
in sponsoring the skill shots for the 2014 2 Man Better Ball and SCGA Qualifier Tournament.

Pace of Play Update

Men’s Club Pace of Play Update

March 2014

Sixty members played in the 39er Tournament on Sunday, March 16. This is the third consecutive weekend event with 60 or more players—nice to see the increased participation. “Thanks!” to Men’s Club members for taking part in our events. “Thanks!” also to Tournament Directors Greg Baumann and Mark Weber, who are doing a great job.

I’m also pleased to report that we continue to make progress on improving pace of play. Golf is far more enjoyable when you can move around the course at a good pace. As most of our members know, we have adopted a Pace of Play Policy based on the SCGA model. This policy has been very successful in reducing playing times in SCGA events, and state golf associations across the country have begun to implement this policy in their areas. Click here to see the ERMGC POP policy.

It is important to note that the player is responsible for pace. Rule 6-7: “The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the Committee may establish.” Penalty for Breach of 6-7: Match Play – Loss of Hole; Stroke Play – Two Strokes

Our policy allows 4 hours and 30 minutes to complete play of the round. This is consistent with Encinitas Ranch management objectives, and time allotted for play in SCGA competitions. The policy also makes allowance for delays resulting from slow play ahead which may cause a group to finish over the allotted time. If a group exceeds the allotted time, but finishes the last hole within 14 minutes of the group ahead, no penalty is imposed.

In the March 39er Tournament, the first 10 groups finished in an average of 4 hours and 35 minutes. The average finishing time interval between groups was nine minutes—not coincidentally the same interval as starting times. Group 11 had fallen off the pace and finished 23 minutes after the group ahead. All players in that group were assessed a two-stroke penalty under Rule 6-7, applied to hole #18. The remaining five groups all finished ‘in position’ compared to the group ahead, with average interval times of under nine minutes.

Increased participation and improved pace of play are both good news and a joy to report. Thank you for coming out and playing ready golf!

Dick Beckman
President, ERMGC

Become a Tournament Sponsor and "Get Your Message Out"

1. Provide us with a 1/3 page copy of what your service offers and we will get it in the newsletter the month before the tournament. You also will be given a special reminder thanks in the following months newsletter.

2. Most tournaments have a sign up table and you are also free to place any marketing materials on the table. Arrange to get them to the course and we will get them out. 4. If you have a banner we will get it hung for you tournament day.

3. All tournament sponsors will get posted on the front page of the club's website for as long as they sponsor the event.

4. Shotgun Tournament sponsors will get; a. Their brochure placed in the cart. b. Banner re-hanged in the dinning area. c. Special acknowledgement during the awards ceremony.

At minimum, your message is presented to club members on the golf course and in our media at multiple points and you are afforded continuous exposure on the website. I will help you all the way, and if you have any question please do not hesitate to call me, Jim Brakas at 760-213-0304.

Thank You

Tournament Policies & Rules

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