Instructions for Tournament Registration on TPP

1. Please register and set up a new user ID by clicking under "new users". Then Click Here to Register.
2. In the next box, click the arrow next to club, and go to Encinitas Ranch.
2a. If the events don't show up, click Event Schedule on the Left menu.
3. Mark the box next to the tournament you want to sign up for. The line will highlight in yellow.
4. Click the box that says: "Register for selected events" above.
5. On the following page you will see a full description of the event. Click "register for this event" near the top of the page.
6. Then next page will tell you how many people have signed up. Then click next.
7. Fill out the requested info on the next page.
8. The next page will give you the chance to put in any requests as well as indicating if you are in Champ flight.
9. The next page will ask for credit card info and after you hit you will be registered for the event.

Please click here for visual help for creating account.
Please click here for visual help for registration.

Click here to continue to registration