March 2009 Newsletter

Islands Restaurant 2-Man Scramble

On Behalf of the ERMGC Board of Directors we want to thank you for participating in our club and our events. The Board is committed to make our club one of the best around and with your support it makes it easier.

With great pleasure I would to thank Ray Nosse and Cara Sprague of Islands Restaurant group. They will be providing the prizes for the 8 skill shots in the tournament. And with that lets give Island Restaurant our support and one last pitch…..

Escape to Islands today for the freshest food and a welcoming, tropical atmosphere.

Islands offers specialty burgers, like the Big Wave and the spicy Kilauea. And now all Islands burgers and sandwiches are served with an endless side of fries. That’s right, you can have as many fries as you want! If you’re not in the mood for fries you can select a small Caesar salad, small garden salad, steamed veggies or onion rings to complement your meal.

Islands also has a variety of soft tacos and sandwiches, large gourmet salads and exotic drinks.

With a Gremmie Menu, especially for kids including the Jr. Wave burger, chicken tenders and grilled cheese—Islands has something for the whole family, making it a great stop after a day on the course. And don’t forget to save room for our Kona pie for dessert – it’s perfect for sharing.

Drop in to any of the nine San Diego Islands locations today!

Island Encinitas
Leucadia Blvd. at El Camino Real (next to REI)
760- 943-0271
Takeout Available with Curbside Delivery

Highlights and Winners were:

Denny Aiken missed a hole-in-one on #8 by a mere 3 inches. (Yes, he made the putt and won closest to the pin.) Jim Heiser and John Gothard finished with 62 gross…in A-Flight…blew away the field for the W, Chip Conover and Dennis Moser combined for a smooth 36-32 = 68 gross to win B-Flight honors, Paul Murray and Pete Sertic in C-Flight carded a nice 74 – 15.8 index = 58.2 for a win, and Jim Brakas and Denny Aiken birdied the final 5 holes for 61 gross/net, edging Tim Dudek and Scott Stewart in a card-off in the Championship Flight.

Most players seemed to like the 3 tee-shots front nine/4 tee-shots back nine per player – so expect this format in the future. See you in March.


Championship Flight

1st Place "61" Denny Aiken & Jim Brakas $140

2nd Place "61" Scott Stewart & Tim Dudek $50

Longest Drive: Scott Stewart
Closest to the Hole: Denny Aiken


1st Place "56" John Gothard & Jim Heiser $220

2nd Place "59" Don Dowden & Jim Weinberger $150

3rd Place "63" Dale Kelley-Cochrane & Al Pak $80

4th Place "63" Eric Diaz & Ray Chandler $50

Longest Drive: Jim Heiser
Closest to the Hole: Dale Clark


1st Place "57" Chip Conover & Dennis Moser $200

2nd Place "58" Grant Phillips & Keith Mendoza $120

3rd Place "61" Robert Vargas & Mark Neumann $70

4th Place "62" Milo Hama & Greg Baumann $50

Longest Drive: Chip Conover
Closest to the Hole: Bob Vargas

C – Flight

1st Place "57" Paul S Murray & Peter Sertic $140

2nd Place "61" Robert Blankmeyer & Ron Temko $100

Longest Drive: Robert Blankmeyer
Closest to the Hole: None

Click here for complete results

Upcoming Events

Where Golf becomes more than your best game

Shadowridge Country Club upholds a strong reputation for being both a challenging golf course and a distinguished membership opportunity. We offer, through our unparalleled service, a true Private Club experience and believe that the finest clubs, like family traditions, trace their roots to strong contributions by individuals. These individuals create the environment in which camaraderie flourishes and new friendships begin. We welcome you to become a part of our family, let us become your Home away from Home! Shadowridge is a private country club that opens its doors to the public to utilize their banquet facilities for your private and corporate events. All this makes Shadowridge a wonderful experience. For all your questions or a personal tour of the club, please contact the Membership Director, Grady Griffith @ 760-727-7700 ext. 109 Or e-mail

39er sponsored by Shadowridge Country Club
Sunday, March 15, 2009
Tee times starting at 10:16 am
Format: The “39” Tournament is a points based format similar to a Stableford point system. Every player starts with a score of 39 and then subtracts his handicap from that. Then play is scored like a reverse Stableford. The Championship Flight plays to scratch. The lowest score wins, and so on. There are no stroke holes as your strokes or handicap are subtracted at the start. This is an individual stroke play event.

Brakas/Coldwell Banker 2-Man Better Ball
Sunday, April 5, 2009
Shotgun start at 12:30PM

Format: Two-man teams, 18 holes of stroke play, with the better score of the partners to count as the team score on each hole. The Championship flight will be played at scratch. All other flights will use handicaps based on April Current Index. The maximum allowable handicap differential between partners is four strokes. If the higher handicap of partners is more than four strokes greater than the lower handicap, the higher handicap will be reduced.

2009 Poinsettia Cup
Saturday and Sunday, May 2-3, 2009
Tee times starting at 10:16 am

Format: 36-holes individual stroke play. Low total score for both rounds wins. The Championship Flight plays at scratch. Net flights use handicaps based on May Current Index. Championship and A Flights play from the blue tees, B Flight plays from the green tees, and C Flight plays from the white tees.


2009 Points Cup

West Coast Swing Leaders

Championship Flight 25 points - Ralph Perretta
A Flight 18 Points - Ray Chandler
B Flight 25 Points - Robert Vargas
C Flight 27 Points - Peter Sertic

The Points Cup is a year long event, like the Fed EX Cup on the PGA tour. In each of our events, the top 10 players in each flight get points according to the place they finish in. Your points get added up through out the year regardless of the flight you may have played in for an event or based on your index. The more tournaments you play in the more chances you have to get into the Points Cup Tournament.

Click here to view the 2009 Points Cup Leaderboard


Wednesday Sweeps

2009 Sweeps Leaders

2009 Low Gross Leaderboard

A Flight - ''74" Flint Locke 02/25/09
B Flight - ''72"' Gary Bader 02/25/09
C Flight - ''80'' Fred Rhodes 02/25/09


2009 Tournament Sponsor Packages

Become a Tournament Sponsor and ''Get Your Message Out''

1. Provide us with a 1/3 page copy of what your service offers and we will get it in the newsletter the month before the tournament. You also will be given a special reminder thanks in the following months newsletter.

2. The 2009 season offers 2 tee box signs (24X18) donated by Tom Jackse of Sign World of California. Please contact him at 760-858-7081 and get him your logo and what you want on the sign and they will be placed at the tournament.

3. Most tournaments have a sign up table and you are also free to place any marketing materials on the table. Arrange to get them to the course and we will get them out.

4. If you have a banner we will get it hung for you on the tournament day.

5. All tournament sponsors will get posted on the front page of the clubs website for as long as they sponsor the event.

6. Shotgun Tournament sponsors will get; a. Their brochure placed in the cart. b. Banner re-hanged in the dinning area. c. Special acknowledgement during the awards ceremony.

At minimum, your message is presented to club members on the golf course and in our media at multiple points and you are afforded continuous exposure on the website. I will help you all the way, and if you have any question please do not hesitate to call me.

Jim Brakas
Sponsorship & Advertising Chairman
(760) 213-0304


Recent Rulings

24-2b/2 Player Does Not Follow Recommended Procedure in Determining Nearest Point of Relief

Q. A player’s ball lies on an artificially surfaced path, which is an immovable obstruction, through the green. The ball is situated at the left edge of the obstruction and the player is right-handed. The player elects to take relief under Rule 24-2b(i) but does not go through the procedure recommended in the Note to the Definition of “Nearest Point of Relief” for determining the nearest point of relief. Instead, he lifts the ball and drops it within one club-length of the nearest edge of the obstruction, not nearer the hole than the ball’s original position, and plays it. What is the ruling?

A. Provided the ball is dropped on a spot that satisfies the requirements of Rule 24-2b(i) and the ball did not roll into a position requiring a re-drop under Rule 20-2c, the player incurs no penalty.

Although there is a recommended procedure for determining the nearest point of relief, the Rules do not require a player to determine this point when proceeding under Rule 24-2, 24-3, 25-1 or 25-3. If a player does not determine a nearest point of relief accurately or identifies an incorrect nearest point of relief, a penalty only arises if, as a result, the player drops his ball at a spot which does not satisfy the requirements of the Rule under which he is proceeding and he then plays the ball (e.g., the spot is more than one club-length from the correct nearest point of relief or the ball is dropped nearer to the hole than the nearest point of relief). In such circumstances, the player would be penalized for playing from a wrong place (Rule 20-7).


Greenskeeping Corner

Aeration: a breath of fresh air for turf

What is aeration?

Aeration is a type of soil cultivation that produces small holes in the soil surface as a means of relieving compaction. There are two types typically conducted on golf courses:

1. Monthly small tine (1/4 inch diameter) aeration, commonly known as "venting". The small, pencil-sized aeration holes cause little or no disruption to the turf surface.

2. Yearly spring aeration using larger and deeper tines. The area is usually sanded to fill the aeration holes. A healthy green will take 10-14 days to recover from the bumpiness producedby deep tine aeration.

What are the benefits?

By "loosening up" the compacted soil, the movement of air and water are improved and root growth therefore gets a huge boost. In addtion to providing more space for roots to grow and more air and water to keep them alive, aeration and sanding improve surface firmness and also address water movement and drainage problems. These all contribute to improved turf quality, appearance and playability.

Bottom Line:

Like all living plants, the roots of turf plants need air to grow and stay healthy. Unfortunately, many activities on the golf course, especially foot and vehicular traffic, act to compact the soil. This makes air and water movement, as well as root growth, much more difficult. If compaction is not dealt with, turf health and appearance will decline, and eventually the turf will die.

Regular aeration is the most effective method for "loosening up" the soli to permitdelivery of air and water to the roots. The temporary bumpiness that follows aeration is a small price to pay for the increased turf health and resiliency that results.