April 2009 Newsletter

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2009 SCGA Better Ball
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1441 Encinitas Blvd #110
Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone #: (760) 944-1534
M-F: 9:00 - 7:00
Sat: 9:00 - 6:00
Sun: 10:00 - 5:00

Saturday, June 14, 2009
Tee times starting at 10:16 am

Format: Two-man teams, 18 holes of stroke play, with the better net score of the partners to count as the team score on each hole. All flights will use handicaps based on June Current Index. The maximum allowable handicap differential between partners is five strokes. If the higher handicap of partners is more than five strokes greater than the lower handicap, the higher handicap will be reduced. The team with the best NET score total from the BLUE TEES will have the opportunity to represent ERMGC in the SCGA 4-Ball Tournament Qualifier in August.

2009 ERMGC Member-Guest
Sunday, July 19, 2009
Shotgun start at 12:30PM

Format: 18 holes of stroke play with the club member and his guest playing as a team. The better score of the partners counts as the team score on each hole. The Championship flight will be played at scratch. Flights A, B, and C will use handicaps based on July Current Index. Teams in the Peoria Flight must record the better GROSS score of partners as the team score and the committee will calculate the handicap and net score for each team at the conclusion of the round using the Modified Peoria System.


Tournament Results


Championship Flight

1st Place "65" Dan Bay & Tim Dudek

2nd Place "69" Scott Purdy & Ralph Perretta

3rd Place "69" Robert Hill & Greg Jacobs

4th Place "70" Jim Brakas & Scott Stewart

Longest Drive: Tim Dudek
Closest to the Hole: Dan Bay



1st Place "61" John Gothard & Harry House

2nd Place"62" Dale Clark & James Heiser

3rd Place "64" Bob Burke & Michael Facon

4th Place "68" Dale Kelly-Cochrane & Alvin Pak

Longest Drive: Ray Chandler
Closest to the Hole: Harry House


1st Place "57" Kevin Clay & Warren Dennis

2nd Place "59" Kyle Conover & Chip Conover

3rd Place "59" Greg Baumann & Milo Hama

4th Place "61" Ronald Peterson & Pete Zupko

Longest Drive: Grant Phillips
Closest to the Hole: Greg Hamilton

C – Flight

1st Place "57" Dan Neipris & Ted Cantor

2nd Place "59" Scott Benson & William Gladstone

3rd Place "59" Peter Sertic & Robert Blankmeyer

4th Place "60" Robert Vargas & Mark Neumann

Longest Drive: Robert Vargas
Closest to the Hole: Alan Sanders

Click here for complete results


2009 Points Cup

Points Cup Standings through March

Championship Flight 40 points - Scott Purdy, Tim Dudek
A Flight 35 Points - Ray Chandler
B Flight 31 Points - Greg Baumann
C Flight 37 Points - Peter Sertic

The Points Cup is a year long event, like the Fed EX Cup on the PGA tour. In each of our events, the top 10 players in each flight get points according to the place they finish in. Your points get added up through out the year regardless of the flight you may have played in for an event or based on your index. The more tournaments you play in the more chances you have to get into the Points Cup Tournament.

Click here to view the 2009 Points Cup Leaderboard


Wednesday Sweeps

2009 Sweeps Leaders

2009 Low Gross Leaderboard

A Flight - ''72" Gus Mokalis 03/25/09
B Flight - ''72"' Gary Bader 02/25/09
C Flight - ''80'' Fred Rhodes 02/25/09


Handicap Chairman


The Board of the Encinitas Ranch Men’s Golf Club is pleased to announce that starting May 1st you can join the men’s club for $75.00 for the rest of the 2009 season. By getting your application in early there is still time to get the required two tournament rounds in to be able to participate in the Club Championship in September.
We understand the economic condition going on and realize that golf and a club membership are things that may be more difficult right now.
We have new members of the board who are doing a lot to help improve the tournaments and how our club is being run.
Please take the time to think about joining and once again enjoy the comradeship of tournament play.

As an added incentive our Tournament Directors have offered to any current member:
Sign up a new member and receive a future tournament entry fee ($25.00).

Sign up today as this offer is only good May 1st through July 2009.

This offer is only available at the link listed below:
(To be set up as a special link)

The Board Members of Encinitas Ranch

If you, an ERMGC member, have a hole-in-one, your first eagle, or any other rare event, please contact Chuck Koscielski at Happy2bc@aol.com. He will inform the SCGA and get you recognition in Fore Magazine.


2009 Tournament Sponsor Packages

Become a Tournament Sponsor and ''Get Your Message Out''

1. Provide us with a 1/3 page copy of what your service offers and we will get it in the newsletter the month before the tournament. You also will be given a special reminder thanks in the following months newsletter.

2. The 2009 season offers 2 tee box signs (24X18) donated by Tom Jackse of Sign World of California. Please contact him at 760-858-7081 and get him your logo and what you want on the sign and they will be placed at the tournament.

3. Most tournaments have a sign up table and you are also free to place any marketing materials on the table. Arrange to get them to the course and we will get them out.

4. If you have a banner we will get it hung for you on the tournament day.

5. All tournament sponsors will get posted on the front page of the clubs website for as long as they sponsor the event.

6. Shotgun Tournament sponsors will get; a. Their brochure placed in the cart. b. Banner re-hanged in the dinning area. c. Special acknowledgement during the awards ceremony.

At minimum, your message is presented to club members on the golf course and in our media at multiple points and you are afforded continuous exposure on the website. I will help you all the way, and if you have any question please do not hesitate to call me.

Jim Brakas
Sponsorship & Advertising Chairman
(760) 213-0304


Recent Rulings

11-4b/6 Ball Played from Outside Teeing Ground Goes Out of Bounds

Q. In stroke play, A played from outside the teeing ground and his ball came to rest out of bounds. He played another ball from within the teeing ground. Is he penalized stroke and distance under Rule 27-1, as well as two strokes under Rule 11-4b?

A. No. A is penalized only two strokes under Rule 11-4b. The ball played from outside the teeing ground was not in play. Therefore, the fact that it came to rest out of bounds was irrelevant and the stroke itself did not count.


Greenskeeping Corner

Leaching: Why is it necessary?

Salts, deadly poison for turf: What do you think is the most serious problem affecting the health and quality if putting greens? Most people believe that diseases, insects or weeds are the biggest threats, and indeed these pests can cause significant turf damage. But an even more serious threat is the build-up of soil salts.

The importance of rain: When there is enough rain, salts are rarely a problem. This is because rain helps to leach, or wash away, the salts that accumulate near the soil surface. Rain pushes salts down into the soil, beneath the area where plant roots grow.

But during periods of low rainfall, this natural leaching does not occur, and salts build up.

Salts hurt turf in three different ways: The most important of these is known as physiological drought. When this occurs, the plant can't get water from the soil, even when the soil is moist; this is because salts in the soil literally suck water away from the plant roots. The effect can be devastating, particularly to salt-sensitive turf such as annual bluegrass and bentgrass.

Secondly, accumulation of sodium salts in the soil damages the structure of the soil itself. This can result in poor drainage, low soil oxygen and poor water infiltration-all of which result in even more stress to the turf.

Finally, salt stress on turf makes it more susceptible to diseases, weeds and insects.

The key is to keep turf healthy by avoiding the build-up of soil salts BEFORE damage to turf occurs. And the best way to avoid salt build-up is to implement a leaching program.

It's all about balance: Maintaining a balance between soil salts and turf quality is a significant challenge. To keep salt levels low, it is necessary to conduct leaching programs during periods of low rainfall. High leaching volumes (a few inches of water in an 8-hour period) of irrigation water are required to drive salts below the root zone.

This is why greens and surrounds can be soggy and soft following leaching. But the benefits are enormous. When done on a preventative basis-before turf damage due to salts is serious-turf and soil will become healthier, pest damage will decrease, and greens will remain green. It's just that simple.

Bottom Line

Greens leaching programs are designed to keep turf healthy by reducing soil salts. Unfotunately, there are some temporary side effects-wet greens and surrounds, softer turf, and slower greens. Are the benefits of leaching worth the inconvenient side effects? The answer is "yes".