April 2012 Newsletter

Tournament News

2012 Two-Man Aggregate Score
Sunday, April 15, 2012
12:30PM Shotgun Start

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1441 Encinitas Blvd #110
Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone #: (760) 944-1534
M-F: 9:00 - 7:00
Sat: 9:00 - 6:00
Sun: 10:00 - 5:00

We are pleased to offer support for the Encinitas Ranch 2012 Two-Man Aggregate Score Golf Tournament! As 20+ year residents of Encinitas we have been active in real estate and supporting the community for many years. We believe in running our business in a personal and friendly manner with the spirit of competition and performance vital to our business plan. We guarantee you that you will not find anyone more qualified in the local market and in touch with the pulse of real estate in the community.

Of course referrals are the backbone of our business and are greatly appreciated, so if you are thinking of buying or selling, or have a friend who could benefit from our assistance please make sure to mention us and receive a free round of golf “fore” your support.

Thank you and have a great round!

Lorie & Jim Brakas
Coldwell Banker


Visit our website and search properties in San Diego:

Format: Two-man teams, 18 holes of stroke play, the total score of both players added together. Champ and A Flight will be playing from the Blue tees. B Flight will play from the Green tees and C Flight will play from the White tees. For the Net flights, handicap strokes will be taken from both players rounds. All flights will use handicaps based on April 1, 2011 Current Index. The maximum allowable handicap differential between partners is five strokes. If the higher handicap of partners is more than five strokes greater than the lower handicap, the higher handicap will be reduced.

2011 Defending Champions
Championship Flight "63" GREGORY JACOBS/TIM A DUDEK

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Tournament Results

2012 39er Golf Tournament

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Championship Flight

1st Place Ken Merscheim
2nd Place Dennis Aiken
3rd Place Greg Jacobs

Longest Drive: N/A
Closest to the Hole: Dennis Aiken

A Flight

1st Place John Gothard
2nd Place William Turner
3rd Place Bob Burke

Longest Drive: Dale Clark
Closest to the Hole: William Turner

B Flight

1st Place Ray Nosse
2nd Place Harry House
3rd Place Jeff Bloom
4th Place Pete Zupko

Longest Drive: Ken Wolff
Closest to the Hole: Ron Peterson

C Flight

1st Place Peter Sertic
2nd Place Rich Busby
3rd Place William Bettis

Longest Drive: Rich Busby
Closest to the Hole: William Bettis

Click here for complete results

Wednesday Sweeps

Wednesday Play for ERMGC Members

If you want friendly golf competition and have a chance to earn gift certificates to purchase items from the Golf Shop, sign up for a tee time between 7:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on Wednesdays. You may sign up as a single, with a friend, or a group of four. All sign-ups must be members of the Men’s Club. All participants pay an entry fee of $5. Each participant signs up for his appropriate flight and tee.

Every golfer can win a gift certificate redeemable at the pro shop for placing in their flight.
In addition, every player has an opportunity to win a $10 gift certificate for being closest to the hole, or having the long drive in their flight.

Also, on the first Wednesday of each month you have an opportunity to place a wager in our "Beat the Pro" contest. Whatever amount you wager, if your net score beats the pro you will get a gift certificate equal to double your wager. If your net score ties or loses to the pro, you still get a certificate equal to the amount you have wagered. You can’t lose!

Following are the parameters for flights and tees assignments:

Flight Tees Index Scores
Championship Blue N/A Gross
A Net Blue 10.0 and lower Net
B Net Green 10.1 to 15.0 Net
C Net White 15.1 and higher Net

Visit our website for additional information on ERMGC Wednesday Play. www.ermgc.org

Hope to see you on Wednesdays. Support your Men's Club and hone your golf skills through friendly competition.

Rich Busby – Wednesday Play Chairman

2012 Sweeps Low Gross Leaderboard

A Flight - "72" Larry Freeman (3/14/12)
B Flight - "76" Gary Bader (1/11/12)
C Flight - "84" Robert Detrich (1/11/12), Ken Brown (3/28/12)

Club Membership



The Board of the Encinitas Ranch Men’s Golf Club is pleased to announce that starting April 1st you can join the Men’s Club for $75.00 for the rest of the 2012 season. By getting your application in early there is still time to get the required two tournament rounds in to be able to participate in the Club Championship in September.

Please take the time to think about joining and enjoy the comradeship of tournament play.

Sign up today as this offer is only good April 1st to June 30th, 2012.

VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.ermgc.org
Register today using the membership link on the home page.

The Board Members of Encinitas Ranch

Please join us in welcoming the following new and returning members to the Club

Byron Mitchell
Steve Sipe
Bob Wells
Leo Napolitano

Recent Rulings

20/1 Club to Be Used in Measuring

A player, taking relief under a Rule, uses his driver to measure the one club-length or two club-lengths pre-scribed in the relevant Rule. He drops a ball correctly and the ball rolls less than two driver-lengths, but more than two putter-lengths, from where the ball first struck a part of the course when dropped.

Under Rule 20-2c, a dropped ball must be re-dropped if it rolls more than two club-lengths. If the ball comes to rest in a poor lie, may the player opt to use his putter to measure the distance his ball has rolled, in which case he would re-drop under Rule 20-2c and escape the poor lie?
No. The player must continue to use the club he originally used for measuring for all measuring in a given situation.