July 2012 Newsletter

Tournament News

2012 ERMGC Member-Guest

Saturday, July 21, 2012
1:00PM Shotgun Start

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18 holes of stroke play with the club member and his guest playing as a team. The better score of the partners count as the team score on each hole. The Championship flight will be played at scratch. Flights A, B, and C will use handicaps based on July 1st Index. Teams in the Peoria Flight must record the better GROSS score of partners as the team score and the committee will calculate the handicap and net score for each team at the conclusion of the round using the Modified Peoria System.

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Tournament Results

2012 SCGA Better Ball

Sunday, June 10, 2012
Tee Times starting at 10:00AM

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Championship Flight

Longest Drive: Ken Merscheim
Closest to the Hole: Dennis Aiken

A Flight

  1. "65" Kerry Bedard | Matt Wilkinson
  2. "65" John Famulare | Mike Turner
  3. "67" James Heiser | Emilio Cordero

Longest Drive: Eric Diaz
Closest to the Hole: Mike Turner

B Flight

  1. "59" Milo Hama | Ray Nosse
  2. "60" Richard Beckman | Mark Weber
  3. "64" Ron Peterson | Pete Zupko
  4. "65" John Georgeson | John Smith

Longest Drive: Darin Boles
Closest to the Hole: Jim Tindaro

C Flight

Longest Drive: Greg Chenoweth
Closest to the Hole: Michael Tracy

Click here for complete results

Wednesday Sweeps

2012 Sweeps Low Gross Leaderboard

  • A Flight - "71" Larry Freeman (3/14/12)
  • B Flight - "75" Dave Johnson (6/6/12)
  • C Flight - "75" Rock Capabianco (5/23/12)

Wednesday Play for ERMGC Members

If you want friendly golf competition and have a chance to earn gift certificates to purchase items from the Golf Shop, sign up for a tee time between 7:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on Wednesdays. You may sign up as a single, with a friend, or a group of four. All sign-ups must be members of the Men’s Club. All participants pay an entry fee of $5. Each participant signs up for his appropriate flight and tee.

Every golfer can win a gift certificate redeemable at the pro shop for placing in their flight.
In addition, every player has an opportunity to win a $10 gift certificate for being closest to the hole, or having the long drive in their flight.

Also, on the first Wednesday of each month you have an opportunity to place a wager in our "Beat the Pro" contest. Whatever amount you wager, if your net score beats the pro you will get a gift certificate equal to double your wager. If your net score ties or loses to the pro, you still get a certificate equal to the amount you have wagered. You can’t lose!

The following are flight parameters for tee assignments:

Flight Tees Index Score
Championship Blue N/A Gross
A Net Blue 10.0 and lower Net
B Net Green 10.1 to 15.0 Net
C Net White 15.1 and higher Net

Visit our website for additional information on ERMGC Wednesday Play. www.ermgc.org

Hope to see you on Wednesdays. Support your Men's Club and hone your golf skills through friendly competition.

Rich Busby – Wednesday Play Chairman

Club Membership

New Members

Please join us in welcoming the following new and returning members to the Club:

  • Jack Chaffin
  • Mitchell Drasco
  • Michael Drennan
  • Phil Hack
  • Dennis Morris
  • Brian Newmark
  • John Smith

Recent Rulings

20-2a/4 Ball Dropped in Improper Manner Moves When Addressed; Player Then Lifts Ball and Drops It in Proper Manner

A player drops his ball other than in the manner prescribed in Rule 20-2a. He addresses the ball and the ball moves. He then is advised that he dropped his ball improperly. So, as permitted by Rule 20-6, he lifts the ball, drops it properly and plays. According to Rule 20-6, the player incurs no penalty for the improper drop. Does he incur a penalty stroke under Rule 18-2b because the ball moved after it was addressed, even though the ball was subsequently lifted and re-dropped?

Yes. The ball was in play when it was first dropped, even though it was dropped in an improper manner (Rule 20-4). When it moved after being addressed, the penalty prescribed in Rule 18-2b was applicable.