August 2014 Newsletter

Encinitas Ranch Men's Golf Club Newsletter

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Club Membership

Membership is now closed until October 1 when the renewals will begin. If you know someone who would like to join the club now or in the future please have them sign up on the website or contact Email Ron Peterson , our membership Chairman

Tournament News

Tournament: 2014 Combo Tournament , August 17

Sponsored by:
Charles "Chip" Conover

FORMAT 2-Man teams, 18-holes total team score.
Gross and Net competitions.
Teeing off on #1.

Holes 1-6 played Better Ball
Holes 7-12 played Scramble
Holes 13-18 played as Alternate Shot

Flights, Tees, & Handicaps: A Flight = blue, B Flight = green, C Flight = white.

Teams will be handicapped based on the average of individual indexes, with the higher index reduced (if necessary) to be within 5 strokes of the lower index.

When you sign up please make sure that your partner is actually going to sign up. We have had issues in the past with partners not knowing they were involved.

To register for this tournament go to: Registration

2013 Defending Champions

  • Championship Flight: GREGORY JACOBS/DAVID BARKER

Tournament Results


July13, 2014

Tournament: 2014 Member Guest

Sponsored by:

The Men's Club would like to thank Jim and Lorie Brakas of Caldwell Banker and Ron Peterson of the Hoehn Auto Group for sponsoring the 2014 Member Guest Tournament.


Championship Flight

  1. JEREMY STEIDING / Roland Achtel
  2. JIM L BRAKAS / Kyle Wall
  3. DANA ALBERT / Eric Thurston

A Flight

  2. KERRY BEDARD/ Todd Koller
  3. JOHN STANDISH/ Derek Palmer

B Flight

  1. RAY CHANDLER/ Mark Liggett
  2. KEVIN MURPHY/ Ben Bowden
  3. DUANE SPRING / Todd Nelson

C Flight

  1. CHARLES CUCCARO/ Dan Conger
  2. RAY NOSSE/ Terry Aston

Peoria Flight

  1. HARRY A HOUSE/ Kirk House
  2. MARK GRASSI/ Dan Stake(
  3. WILLIAM GLADSTONE/ Cyrus Gladstone

Changes to Course Rating & Slope

July 2014

Every SCGA member course is rated periodically by the SCGA Course Rating staff and committee —usually about every seven years unless there is a redesign or similar need to rate a course out-of-cycle. Encinitas Ranch was rated recently in the normal cycle and minor changes to our rating/slope will be implemented soon. These changes will take effect when new score cards have been printed and put into use—probably in a couple of weeks. Please read on for details of what to expect when the changes are implemented.

Rating & Slope
The new rating/slope figures were reduced slightly. The table below shows current and new rating/slope for Blue, Green, and White Tees.

Tees Current Rating/Slope New Rating/Slope
Blue 71.4/129 71.2/127
Green 69.7/125 69.5/123
White 68.0/119 67.8/118

This means that you may see a very slight increase in your handicap index sometime after the August 1 GHIN revision update. You are more likely to notice an adjustment to your index if you play most of your golf at Encinitas Ranch. Even if you played all of your rounds at ER, the maximum uptick to your index would be 0.2 (two tenths). If you play most of your golf at other courses, the slope/rating change at ER is not likely to have any effect on your index. The net effect is so slight that only rarely will it impact your course handicap.

The SCGA will adjust the posting computer and GHIN system to the new data at the same time new score cards are introduced. At that time a new Course Handicap Conversion Table will be posted on the bulletin board by the computer.

Allocation of Handicap Strokes – Blue Tees
Because new score cards are being printed, we took this opportunity to review where handicap stokes were assigned for Blue Tees. A few holes will remain the same as they have been. There will be modest changes to allocations for most of the holes. There will be noticeable changes to several holes. The most significant change will be made to Hole 10—currently the #16 handicap hole, this will become the #4 handicap hole.

Allocations of handicap strokes for the Green/White tees will not change.

Local Rules – Course Marking

Click here to see a map of where the changes are on holes 1 and 2.

The need to print new score cards also suggested a review of the local rules printed on the back of the card. The current reference to “flower beds” in this section will be deleted. An area between Holes 1 and 2 was at one time considered a flower bed and relief without penalty was granted if your ball came to rest in this area. This section is no longer maintained as a cultivated area and will be re-marked. The section closest to the cart barn will be marked as “Out of Bounds” (white stakes). The section farthest from the cart barn will be marked as a “Lateral Water Hazard” (red stakes). The area to be marked as OB rarely comes into play on either hole. The area to be marked as LWH can come into play on both holes.

Watch for the new markings on these holes and take appropriate action if your ball comes to rest in those areas. There are no longer any areas in play on the golf course that are considered “flower beds” from which relief without penalty is permitted.

Dick Beckman

Wednesday Sweeps

Wednesday Play for ERMGC Members

If you want friendly golf competition and have a chance to earn gift certificates to purchase items from the Golf Shop, sign up for a tee time between 7:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on Wednesdays. You may sign up as a single, with a friend, or a group of four. All sign-ups must be members of the Men’s Club. All participants pay an entry fee of $5. Each participant signs up for his appropriate flight and tee.

Every golfer can win a gift certificate redeemable at the pro shop for placing in their flight.
In addition, every player has an opportunity to win a $10 gift certificate for being closest to the hole, or having the long drive in their flight.

Also, on the first Wednesday of each month you have an opportunity to place a wager in our "Beat the Pro" contest. Whatever amount you wager, if your net score beats the pro you will get a gift certificate equal to double your wager. If your net score ties or loses to the pro, you still get a certificate equal to the amount you have wagered. You can’t lose!

The following are flight parameters for tee assignments:

Flight Tees Index Score
Championship Blue N/A Gross
A Net Blue 10.0 and lower Net
B Net Green 10.1 to 15.0 Net
C Net White 15.1 and higher Net

Visit our website for additional information on ERMGC Wednesday Play.

Hope to see you on Wednesdays. Support your Men's Club and hone your golf skills through friendly competition.

Rich Busby – Wednesday Play Chairman