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Club Membership

2016 Membership renewal is in full swing until December 14.

The Encinitas Ranch Men's Golf Club (ERMGC) is open to all applicants, 18 years of age and older. The $95 new and $78 renewal membership fee includes membership in the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) and a handicap index. Your membership also allows you to play in our monthly Sunday tournaments as well as our Wednesday sweeps, which is a weekly event that you can win scrip for the golf shop. All applicants, NEW and RENEWALS, must fill out this online form completely every year and all application fees are valid for the entire 2016 calendar year. If you sign up between October 1 and December 10, you membership will also include full privileges for the rest of the current year. If you renew your membership after December 14, you will be charged the "new" member rate of $95.

Tournament News

Tournament: 2015 October Stroke Play, October 18 .

Registration ends Tuesday 10/13.

To register for this tournament go to: Registration
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FORMAT: 18 holes individual stroke play

Tournament Results

Tournament: 2015 Club Championship

Sponsored by:

The Men's Club would like to thank Lomas Santa Fe Country Club for sponsoring the 2015 Combo Tournament.


Championship Flight
Tim Dudek 1up over Jeremy Steiding

A Flight
Greg Baumann 4&2 over Dale Kelly-Cochrane

    B Flight
    Paul Latchford 4&2 over Ron Peterson

    C Flight
    Lou Kessing 2&1 over Milo Hama

The Rules Column

Rules: True or False

Take this quiz to sharpen your rules knowledge. The applicable rules and other references are in (parentheses) following the question. You can make this an “open book” test by accessing the Rules and Decisions at this link to the USGA website: USGA-Rules. Answers are shown below the quiz.

1. A player’s ball in play is accidentally moved by his partner. The ball is properly replaced. The partner incurs a one-stroke penalty. (18-2)
True False

2. A player plays a stroke and the ball is deflected by a tree and strikes his partner’s golf bag. The player incurs a one-stroke penalty. (19-2)
True False

3. A player dropped his putter on his ball and moved it as he was approaching the ball to mark the ball's position with a coin; because he was intending to mark his ball, there is no penalty. (20-1; see Decision 20-1/14)
True False

4. On the putting, green a player reaches across the hole and rakes (scrapes) in a short putt. The ball is holed and the player incurs a two-stroke penalty in stroke play. (14-1; see Decision 14-1/4)
True False

5. Player searches for his ball in a bunker – player then rakes area of significant damage on his line of play prior to play of the ball in the bunker. This is permitted in the Rules. (13-4; see Decision 13-4/11)
True False

6. A player’s ball lands in a bunker. The player rakes his footprints in the bunker on the way to his ball, being careful not to improve his lie, area of stance or line of play for his next stroke. This is permitted in the Rules. (13-4, exception 2; see Decision 13-4/9)
True False

7. A player plays a stroke at his ball in a bunker and advances the ball 10 yards to another spot in the same bunker. He is permitted to smooth the sand in the area where he played with his club. (13-4, exception 2; see Decisions 13-2/29 and 13-4/9)
True False

8. A player’s ball lies in a bunker. Prior to play of the ball in the bunker the player picks up a soda can in the bunker that is not near his ball. This is permitted in the Rules. (24-1; see Definition “Obstructions”)
True False

9. A player’s ball lies in a bunker. Prior to play of the ball in the bunker the player picks up a pine cone in the bunker that is not near his ball. This is permitted in the Rules. (13-4c; see Definition “Loose Impediments”)
True False

(Quiz created by Robin Farran / Arizona Golf Association / September 2015)

Dick Beckman – October 2015

Wednesday Sweeps

Wednesday Play for ERMGC Members

If you want friendly golf competition and have a chance to earn gift certificates to purchase items from the Golf Shop, sign up for a tee time between 7:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on Wednesdays. You may sign up as a single, with a friend, or a group of four. All sign-ups must be members of the Men’s Club. All participants pay an entry fee of $5. Each participant signs up for his appropriate flight and tee.

Every golfer can win a gift certificate redeemable at the pro shop for placing in their flight.
In addition, every player has an opportunity to win a $10 gift certificate for being closest to the hole, or having the long drive in their flight.

The following are flight parameters for tee assignments:

Flight Tees Index Score
Championship Blue N/A Gross
A Net Blue 10.0 and lower Net
B Net Green 10.1 to 15.0 Net
C Net White 15.1 and higher Net

Visit our website for additional information on ERMGC Wednesday Play. www.ermgc.org

Hope to see you on Wednesdays. Support your Men's Club and hone your golf skills through friendly competition.

Rich Busby – Wednesday Play Chairman