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Tournament News

Tournament: 2016 39er, March 20.

Registration ends Tuesday 2/15.

The Men's Club would like to thank Golf Tec for sponsoring the 2016 ERMGC 39er Tournament.

FORMAT: This is an individual stroke play tournament with a points-based format similar to a Stableford. Every player starts with a score of 39 and then subtracts his course handicap from that. Further points are subtracted at each hole based on the gross scores recorded (see points table). The lowest score wins.

Double Bogey+: 0 points
Bogey: 1 points
Par: 2 points
Birdie: 4 points
Eagle: 8 points
Double Eagle: 10 points

SKINS: $10 Entry. Skins will be based on each flight. Championship Gross Skins. A, B, C Net Skins.
Money will be collected at check in time. CASH only. To be eligible you must pay before your round starts.

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2014 Defending Champions

  • A Flight: Van Logan
  • B Flight: Daniel Silverstein
  • C Flight: Jim Haile

Tournament Results

Tournament: 2016 2 Man Scramble

Sponsored by:

The Men's Club would like to thank Shadowridge for sponsoring the 2016 2 Man Scramble Tournament.


A Flight

  1. 1st Place - Barker, D. / Scharrenweber, G.
  2. 2nd Place -Famulare, J. / Turner, B.
  3. 3rd Place - Steiding, J. / Boes, A.

B Flight

  1. 1st Place -Haile, J. / Latchford, P.
  2. 2nd Place -McGinnis, K. / Annicharico, J.
  3. 3rd Place - Spring, D. / Mancuso, T.

C Flight

  1. 1st Place - Johnson, S. / Brown, K.
  2. 2nd Place - Lucarelli, D. / Georgeson, J.
  3. 3rd Place - Kessing, L. / Wilkes, B.

The Rules Column

Rule 17 – The Flagstick

Rule 17 – The Flagstick is a relatively short, uncomplicated rule. The basics of the Rule are known by almost every golfer, but there are a few nuances that could trip up even an experienced player.

17-1. states: “Before making a stroke from anywhere on the course, the player may have the flagstick attended, removed or held up to indicate the position of the hole. If the flagstick is not attended, removed or held up before the player makes a stroke, it must not be attended, removed or held up during the stroke or while the player’s ball is in motion if doing so might influence the movement of the ball.” (Pay attention to the underlined words.) There are three notes to Rule 17-1:

  1. If the flagstick is in the hole, and anyone stands near it while a stroke is being made, he is deemed to be attending the flagstick.
  2. If, prior to the stroke, the flagstick is attended, removed or held up by anyone with the player’s knowledge and he makes no objection, the player is deemed to have authorized it.
  3. If anyone attends or holds up the flagstick while a stroke is being made, he is deemed to be attending the flagstick until the ball comes to rest.

However, it is important to know this: a flagstick that has been removed and set aside MAY BE MOVED while the player’s ball is in motion. Rule 24-1. Movable Obstructions allows that a flagstick that has been removed or equipment of ANY player may be moved while the ball is in motion after a stroke made from ANYWHERE to prevent the ball from striking the removed flagstick or any player’s equipment (clubs, bag, towel, glove, etc.). There is no penalty to anyone for moving the flagstick or any player’s equipment in this situation. Note that another ball “in play” is NOT EQUIPMENT and may not be moved or lifted while another ball is in motion after a stroke.

17-2. deals with Unauthorized Attendance. This Rule limits the player’s liability if someone attends or removes the flagstick without his authority or prior knowledge. Note: anyone attending or removing a flagstick without authority of the player may be at risk of penalty. This can happen: someone is a little too quick to remove an UNATTENDED flagstick from the hole during a stroke or while a ball is in motion. If the removal of the flagstick MIGHT influence the movement of the ball, the competitor or opponent who removed the flagstick is penalized. If the flagstick was removed by the player’s partner or either of their caddies, the player is penalized.

17-3. states: The player’s ball must not strike

  1. The flagstick when it is attended, removed or held up;
  2. The person attending or holding up the flagstick or anything carried by him; or
  3. The flagstick in the hole, unattended, when the stroke has been made on the putting green.

We all know that the ball must not strike the flagstick in the hole (attended or unattended) after a stroke made from the putting green. It is also true that a ball must not strike a removed flagstick after a stroke from anywhere. This prevents a removed flagstick from being used as a backstop, with or without intent. A ball striking the flagstick must be played as it lies.

Penalties under this rule: two strokes in stroke play or loss of hole in match play.

Dick Beckman – March 2016

Wednesday Sweeps

Wednesday Play for ERMGC Members

If you want friendly golf competition and have a chance to earn gift certificates to purchase items from the Golf Shop, sign up for a tee time between 7:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. on Wednesdays. You may sign up as a single, with a friend, or a group of four. All sign-ups must be members of the Men’s Club. All participants pay an entry fee of $5. Each participant signs up for his appropriate flight and tee.

Every golfer can win a gift certificate redeemable at the pro shop for placing in their flight.
In addition, every player has an opportunity to win a $10 gift certificate for being closest to the hole, or having the long drive in their flight.

The following are flight parameters for tee assignments:

Flight Tees Index Score
Championship Blue Open to All Gross
A Net Blue 10.0 and lower Net
B Net Green 10.1 to 15.0 Net
C Net White 15.1 and higher Net

Visit our website for additional information on ERMGC Wednesday Play.

Hope to see you on Wednesdays. Support your Men's Club and hone your golf skills through friendly competition.

Rich Busby – Wednesday Play Chairman