2016 SCGA Qualifier and Stroke Play

NOTE: There are two options for those who wish to play in the June weekend event: 1) Four-Ball SCGA Qualifier (two-person better ball), and 2) Two Man Better Ball. Players must select one event when registering (Its a question while you signup).

Simply put, here are the options:
1. Individual Stroke Play – Open to Champ, A, B, and C flights. $25/player entry fee, $10 skins optional at check-in.
2. SCGA Four-ball Qualifier – Two-man better ball net. Blue tees for all players. Any member may register, but indexes above 18.4 will be adjusted to 18.4. This event will be split into two flights based on average index of partners (A flight: 10.0 or lower, B+ flight: 10.1 or higher). $25/player entry fee, $10 skins optional at check-in.