2016 Stableford

FORMAT: The Modified Stableford Tournament is an individual 18-hole event. Points are added or subtracted on each hole depending on your net score for that hole (gross score in the Championship Flight). The winner is the competitor who scores the highest number of points.

Double Bogey/other -3 point
Bogey -1 points
Par 0 points
Birdie +2 points
Eagle +5 points
Double Eagle +8 points

SKINS: $10 Entry. Skins will be based on each flight. Championship Gross Skins. A, B, C Net Skins.
Money will be collected at check in time. CASH only. To be eligible you must pay before your round starts.

POINTS CUP: 1st=20, 2nd=17, 3rd=15, 4th=14, 5th=13, 6th=11, 7th=10, 8th=8, 9th=7, 10th=6, Participant=5

Championship Flight (Gross) - Blue
A Flight (<10.0) - Blue
B Flight (10.1-15.0) - Green
C Flight (>15.1) - White


ENTRY DEADLINE: November 3, 2015


REFUND POLICY: Full refund if requested prior to closing date. No refunds will be honored after tee times have been posted for the event.

GREEN FEES: The Men’s Club does not set the cost for Green Fees. Please speak to theEncinitas Ranch golf course regarding fees and coupon usage. Shotguns do not allow the use of JC Coupons.

PLAYER CODE OF CONDUCT POLICY: By submitting an entry for any ERMGC-administered competition, the contestant understands that his participation is at the sole discretion of the ERMGC. A contestant may be removed from any competition at the discretion of the ERMGC staff or Rules and Competitions Committee at any time before or during the competition. Incidents of unbecoming conduct or actions deemed to be detrimental to the image of the ERMGC or the “Spirit of the Game” are grounds for such removal and suspension from future ERMGC-administered competitions. These include, but are not limited to, the following:
* Willful damage of the golf course or golf course property
* Club throwing or unnecessary club tossing
* Offensive or unbecoming language
* Public criticism of golf course or verbal abuse of ERMGC staff, officials, volunteers, host club staff orother contestants
* Potential endangerment of others
* Conduct deemed unbecoming
* Failure to post scores for handicapping purposes
* Manipulation of scores posted for handicapping purposes